How We Can Help Your School or Group

Utilize our aggressive contribution plan to take home as much as $250 or more!
  • Call David at (904) 993-9047 to set up a class time that works for you (all options are open except Friday and Saturday nights)
  • Guarantee just ten participants (increase your reach by letting us open the event to the public) HEWGroup2.jpg
  • Choose your painting and start time and we’ll put it on the calendar for everyone to register on their own (we’ll send you a link to distribute)
  • Make $10 for each participant in a $35 adult class, or decide on a higher per-person cost to make even more—for example, make $15 if we charge $40. Just be sure your price suits your audience
  • Take home a check that night! We can hold 27 comfortably, so you could take over $250 back to your school or organization. If you're holding a silent auction at the same time, ask us about taking back a gift certificate and instructor painting!
  • Jacksonville studio only; other studio programs to be announced

Discounted School Pricing

Field trips, After-school, Home-school, Camp groups!


  • Our per-artist field-trip rate is now just $15 per artist!
  • Come to the studio for 25 students or fewer (minimum ten artists)
  • We’ll come to you if you have more than 15 artists (same price!)
  • Book with payment for the minimum or half of the total, whichever is higher. Balance is due the day before your event.
  • Call David for details at (904) 993-9047! We've hosted or visited hundreds of schools in the last eight years—our unique teaching style is both fun and artistically educational!
  • To see our painting options, click here and scroll down to our "all ages" gallery
  • Jacksonville studio only; contact our Central Florida studios for a field trip quote