You can SAVE 25% on all classes!

It's easy to SAVE 25% on every class you take at Yes You Canvas! All you have to do is register when calendars are first posted...the newly-posted classes are always at least 25% OFF the regular prices!
That means if you plan ahead a little and book your classes in advance, you never have to pay full price! We have customers who have painted DOZENS of times with us, and always at the reduced prices!
And remember...we never charge more for longer classes; adult classes are always $35, so at 25%-off they're just $26.25! "All ages" classes reduce from $20 to just $15!
Over the years we have found this to be the fairest way to do discounts. Memberships and punch-cards are clumsy and bothersome...this way, you know exactly when the deals are coming, and you never worry that you'll miss a chance to pay less for your class after you've already booked it. (Don't you just hate that!?)
All you have to do is sign up for a class to start getting our emails that tell you about a sale that's starting...or, you can go to your location's calendar and click the "Join Newsletter" button to get the emails without having to register first.
Remember, the new adult classes are posted at the end of the month, and new "all ages" classes are posted mid-month. If you discover that you can't make a class you've already booked, you can easily cancel it up to a week before the class by going into your Yes You Canvas! account, and then let the credit stay in your account until you're ready to use it. Then you can apply the credit toward a full-price class, or wait till a new class goes on sale and apply your credit to cover the entire cost of that new one that's on sale.
It's easy and fair. No hassles...just like we all like it!!