Teambuilding and office parties!


Yes You Canvas! is the perfect place to bring your team for a FUN experience painting together! We'll set up our studio just for you, and you're welcome to cater the event however you like (or ask us for suggestions!).
Painting together is a great way to learn about each other while working toward a common goal that encourages personal originality. Because we take you through it step-by-step, no one has to worry about being left out...that's all part of the fun!
April13SeaOats.jpgAnd remember, Yes You Canvas! has hosted hundreds of teambuilding groups since 2009. Your session will be led by the studio owner, and your painting will be instructed efficiently according to a specific step-by-step process created for that painting. We take your experience seriously, and we want you to feel you're in experienced hands while you're having a great time creating your masterpiece!  
We can accommodate your group during the day or any evening that doesn't already have a class with registered participants. You just need ten people, and the cost for a two-to-three hour 16" x 20" painting is just $35 per person.
If you have less time or a tighter budget, we have several $25 options on 11" x 14" canvas that take 60 to 90 minutes to complete. The most popular is our personalized "Spread the Word" painting, but there are others too (scroll down to see the most popular).
You can enjoy your refreshments as you paint, but we'll also give you extra time to socialize. And we do all the clean-up! Just click here to contact the owner of the studio nearest you! We'll show you a great time!! 
These are the most popular $35 16" x 20" painting options for teambuilding groups, and typically last from two to two-and-a-half hours...we can advise you about the average length for each one, and also suggest others from among our hundreds of exclusive paintings:
 For a shorter option for $25 per person, consider our "Spread the Word" paintings or one of these popular 11" x 14" choices. Also, during November and December, adult groups often enjoy painting one of our holiday-themed "all ages" paintings!
Offsite parties
If you have 30 or more people and would like us to come to you, please contact us to discuss the possibilities. We've brought specially-designed programs to corporate retreats with great success, and no group is too large for our unique and personalized approach.