What about teens?

Teenagers who are 16 or older are welcome to paint with us! However, please keep in mind some important points about how our classes operate:
Adult classes:
  1. No one under 16 may paint in an adult class. Painting for two hours or longer can challenge a teen's attention span, regardless of their artistic talent or initial interest level.
  2. Adults will likely be drinking wine at adult classes, and the atmosphere can resemble an adult party, so having minors present can make both your teen and other guests uncomfortable.
  3. All minors must have a responsible adult present at all times, but unlike our kids' classes, everyone who comes to an adult class must be registered to paint. So, if you want to register your teen to paint in an adult class, you also must be registered to paint. 
  4. Anyone who paints in an "adult" class is $35, regardless of age.

Kids' (All ages) classes:

  1. Our kids' classes (approximately one hour) may seem too juvenile, but we have many subjects, and even adults enjoy painting many of them. We often have a wide range of ages painting in our kids' classes; no one is "too old" to paint in these classes.
  2. All minors must have a responsible adult with them at all times.
  3. Anyone who paints in a "kids" class is $20, no matter the age, but adults don't have to be painting. (All kids who come must be registered to paint; please don't also bring kids who will not be painting.)