What We're All About

Thank you for considering our classes! I started Yes You Canvas! in 2009 to give people a chance to create their own masterpieces by working together with me step-by-step and discovering their hidden talents while they're doing it.
Over these past seven years we've produced over 50,000 amazing works of art! Before you register, I want to be sure you have a chance to understand what we're all about.

Yes You Canvas! has its own unique personality and purpose. Our approach includes these key elements:

• You have always been welcome to bring wine and beer to adult classes. However,
Yes You Canvas! is a place where you can drink wine while you paint, not a place where you can paint while you drink. The only excess I encourage is an excess of enthusiasm.

• I engage with everyone and walk around to be sure you are doing well throughout the painting. Our goal is to create a great painting while we're having a great time doing it. Everyone understands that and brings a basic desire to succeed. 

Yes You Canvas! is not a "drink more and it will look better" environment. I respect you more than that. You will do well because you and I both care that you do.
• We start promptly, and tardiness is distracting to everyone and puts you at an impossible disadvantage. Things come up, but please do not register if it's not important to you to be on time.
• If you are registering for other people, please be certain that they understand all of these elements of our approach and plan to attend in the same spirit.

We have an incredibly fun time doing this...otherwise I wouldn't still be doing it after seven years. But other businesses see you differently than I do, and as a result I need to be sure you don't come to us with misperceptions. I know you don't need to drink too much to have a good time, and excessive drinking certainly will not make you a better artist. I know you have the ability to do this as long as you and I both care that you do.

Think of it kind of like a cooking class. No one goes to those to get drunk and do a lousy job, or have a disruptive side party while everyone else is trying to stay reasonably attentive and produce something worth actually eating.
Basically, it's my responsibility to make sure that the people who come to Yes You Canvas! with the right idea continue to have a great experience. And I want to keep letting you bring wine and beer...if you want to.

I hope you decide that it's something you'd like to be a part of...an interactive experience that's both unique and extremely rewarding.
Thank you!
David Durrett