Grow with us at Yes You Canvas!

We're always interested to hear from people who'd like to open their own FUN paint-along studios and join one of America's fastest-growing new industries!

Here’s what a relationship with Yes You Canvas! offers:

 The exciting new brand in painting studios...a name that’s not only descriptive and instantly memorable, but also doesn’t restrict family participation by including a wine-drinking term or pun


 Access to hundreds of original Yes You Canvas! paintings for both adults and kids, including our innovative way of including children's classes (and birthday parties!)


 A simple web-based operations system that allows you to post classes, manage your customers, create email communications, collect class fees, and process credit card transactions


 Unique video training for every painting that allows even non-artists to show others how to paint


 Integration and linkage of your studio and calendar into our main Web site


 Plenty of templates for all the promotional materials you’ll need


 Enough training to get you started, and then to keep you going!

We want a mutually-beneficial, no-drama relationship that helps you build a great and fun business while you help us build our brand. To learn more, contact us at